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To be arranged

2 day
OfferedThis interactive workshop is intended as an introduction to collaborative online international learning for first-timers / people who are interested in COIL and want to know how to get started.

Not only lecturers, but also support staff, internationalization officers and management are encouraged to join.

The basic principles of COIL are explained followed by an interactive part where participants from various disciplines and backgrounds are lead through different activities, building/creating their own virtual exchange course.
Isabel Düsterhöft & Mari-Jose Weijerman

To be negotiated

2 day
OfferedPaul and Lieke offer two themed training workshops to staff, entitled

a)‘How to develop (Strategic) Partnerships’
This is a general guide to developing and maintain successful partnerships at all levels with tips and advice on what works and what might not. Also what to look for in a Strategic Partner

b) ‘Exchange Partnerships: From quantity to quality’.
This is a more hands on applied approach to help categorise classify and manage ongoing partnerships. It also gives you the tools to declutter your partnerships allowing you to concentrate efforts on the most suitable ones for your institution

Both of these short training courses are open to customization to meet your specific needs.
Paul G Nixon & Lieke Steijger

Virtual Lecture/ Talking Powerpoint

Approx. 1 to 1.5 hours
OfferedThe lecture Sturm und Drang oder Kling und Klang? Neue Deutsche Musikarten examines the development of German Popular Music, post WWII in West and, to a lesser extent, East Germany linking it to political changes. Using archive film it moves from the rubble of post war Cologne, through the creation of distinct German music free from nationalism and back to Neo Nazi music. It shows that journey from ‘spotleider’, to Krautrock, to Neue Deutsche Welle to the present day. It also looks at Germany’s influence on international music. Paul G Nixon