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-====== How to use your Spam Quarantine Notification Email ======+[[spamq|How to use your Spam Quarantine Notification Email]]
-Whenever an email you for is received which is automatically classified as spam, +[[extern|How to tell apart Ham and Spam]]
-it will be delivered to a spam quarantine area outside the university's mail +
-servers instead of your mailbox. +
- +
-Two times per day at 09:00am and 03:00pm a spam notification email is sent listing +
-all your emails in quarantine received since the last notification email sent to you. +
- +
-This notification emails serves several purposes. +
- +
-  - 1. INFORMATION of new spam emails received for you +
-  - 2. LISTING all your emails currently in quarantine (click on link) +
-  - 3. SAFE preview into email without danger of links or malware (click on link) +
-  - 4. RELEASE of false positives, i.e. incorrectly classified spam emails, fromquarantine to mail server and user mailbox (Outlook, etc.) +
-  - +
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